Friday, April 8, 2016

8 Life Hacks For Your Car!

1. Use nail polish to remove minor scratches and chips!

One of the most disheartening things that can happen with your new car is a scratch or a chip. Going to a body shop to repair this can get pricey, but using the closest color nail polish is a quick and much more affordable solution.

2. Clean foggy headlights with toothpaste!

Driving with foggy headlights can be extremely dangerous. Also, it makes your car look a lot less valuable than it actually is. You can go out and buy new headlights, or you can save a bunch of money by using toothpaste to get brand new looking headlights.

3. Charge multiple devices with a dual-USB through cigarette lighter!

One thing we can't live without nowadays is our mobile devices. Once the battery dies on our device they are rendered useless. Yes, we do have car chargers for that, but what if you need to charge two devices at once? Here is your solution.

4. Hold your car remote to your head to lock and unlock your car from further distances!

This one is strange, but it works like a charm. We don't quite understand the science behind this, but when you hold your car remote close to your head, it gives the remote more range to lock or unlock your vehicle from longer distances!

5. Use a tennis ball to measure where to park in your garage!

Do you have a garage that is extremely packed and are you afraid of hitting something with your car? The solution to this is to park your car and measure your spot by hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling by a string. Now whenever you park in the future, you know to stop when the tennis ball hits your windshield.

6. Protect your car door in your garage by lining your walls with a pool noodle!

Here is another solution for a tight space when parking your car. Instead of risking scratching your car door by hitting it on the wall, line the walls with a soft pool noodle. This will give you peace of mind when opening your car door in your packed garage.

7. Fix car dents with a toilet plunger!

Car dents are disheartening and can be a very expensive fix, but there is a potential alternative to fixing these dents while saving a bunch of money. Using a toilet plunger can potentially fix minor dents. Just use it like you are plunging a toilet.

8. Use seat warmers to keep your pizza warm!

Some people like cold pizza, but for those of us who enjoy our pizza hot, this is a clever hack. If your car has a seat warming feature, turn that thing on and keep your pizza warm on your drive home. If you have a passenger, kick them to the back seat. Pizza should always be the priority.

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